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72-hour kit

Whether you are a volunteer or not, keeping yourself and your family safe is the most important thing. Strong, healthy, and prepared communities start with strong, healthy, and prepared people and families.


The WRMRC has compiled a list of resources in the Personal Preparedness section. These resources will give you a broad understanding of how to become prepared, as well as drill down into specifics for all different types of emergency situations even finding emergency plumbers.


You can also learn from prepare now about how to create a 72-hour kit. 72-hour kits are just-in-case survival kits that you or your family creates. If an emergency were to strike, your family would be able to survive for three days, giving emergency crews the necessary time to assist everyone in the community.

Personal preparedness is becoming more widespread around the country. Even celebrities have begun promoting it's importance...

Check out Al Roker's great PSA! (From The Today Show)

and Jamie Lee Curtis reminds us to have a kit on Jay Leno. 


If you are not already a volunteer or aid worker, consider joining the WRMRC. Our volunteers not only make their own families safer with their knowledge of how to deal with emergency situations, but the entire community safer as well.